Your brain works much better than you might think. Thinking can be hard work, and we humans by nature tend to do as little thinking as possible.The Numbers is a game to augment your thinking. This game is designed to cover all android based devices and you can play this game with joystick, keyboard or even touch if your device support it. The rule of game is so easy. You should find hidden digits. To do so, from the left panel chose your digits. These digits will show in right panel with different backgrounds: Red: shows this digit is not in hidden digits. Yellow: shows this digit is placed in wrong location and Green: shows this digit is placed in it's own place. This game has two levels, Easy and Hard. In easy level, there is not repeated number while in hard level you may have repeated numbers such as 1223, 6986, 3999 and etc. Thanks for choosing this game and have fun! Recent changes: Some bugs fixed. Content rating: Everyone

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Some bugs fixed.

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